A Moment of Joy

By: Justine Smith, New Media/Web Content Coordinator

Quality care at DePaul senior living communities means providing the optimum level of support to each resident while remaining sensitive to each individual’s assessed needs. This level of care is especially imperative for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

At Twelve Oaks, a DePaul Senior Living Community in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, staff went above and beyond to meet the needs of a resident with dementia.

Pete Bowman made a living laying floors. Twelve Oaks ordered foam tiles and asked Pete to “work” laying the tiles in his bedroom.

He carefully patted the edges of the tiles to make sure all the air had escaped from underneath and soon asked for glue to help the tiles stick together better. After the “job” was complete, staff paid him with fake paper money. Pete said he “wouldn’t let the money burn a hole in his pocket!”

Click here to watch this video which shows how this simple activity helped create a genuine moment of joy for Pete.


Learn more about Twelve Oaks and DePaul’s additional senior living communities in New York, North Carolina and South Carolina. DePaul Senior Living Communities provide the comforts of home, a commitment to enhancing quality of life, and personal care services in a supportive environment that promotes independence.


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