National Problem Gambling Awareness Month (March 2018)

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By: Jennifer Faringer, Director of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-Rochester Area (NCADD-RA) 

Join DePaul’s National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-Rochester Area as we continue to raise awareness to the impact of gambling on individuals, families and communities. NCADD-RA is once again proud to partner with the New York Council on Problem Gambling on the YOUth Decide project encouraging parents to have the conversation and youth to be involved in supporting gambling-free events and policies in their schools and community groups.

Join us as we recognize March 13th as Gambling Disorder Screening Day.  Visit the NCADD-RA website for more information on local screening resources.

It’s important to recognize that a  gambling disorder is often not a standalone disease.

In addition to struggling with gambling:

  •  Over 60% also have a personality disorder.
  • Over 49% also have a mood disorder.
  • Over 41% also have an anxiety disorder. (Petry et al, 2005)
  • Nearly 37% of those experiencing a gambling problem have had suicidal thoughts.
  • Over 17% of these individuals have attempted suicide. (Moghaddam et al, 2015)
  • Over 90% of those affected by someone else’s gambling behavior reported emotional distress. (Nash et al, 2018)

For additional resources to participate in Gambling Disorder Screening Day, visit the Cambridge Health Alliance Gambling Disorder Day Toolkit. Here, you’ll find all the information and resources you’ll need to successfully and comfortably prepare for and participate in this important day.

Please help us raise awareness to the connections between problem gambling and other mental health disorders by sharing this information with everyone in your network, both personal and professional!

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