Three Cheers for Volunteers at Prestwick Village

April 25, 2019 (Laurinburg, NC) ─ Residents at Prestwick Village have plenty of reasons to count their blessings during National Volunteer Appreciation Month in April. The DePaul Senior Living Community in Laurinburg has many dedicated volunteers of all ages!

Prestwick Village Volunteers

Pictured above is Prestwick Village resident Curtis Ray with volunteer Joshua Frye, a sophomore at Marlboro Academy in South Carolina. A National Honor Society member looking for an opportunity to help others, Joshua began volunteering at Prestwick Village this year. He likes it so much, he’s become a regular, sometimes coming up to two or three times a week!

“I wasn’t sure how I would be received as a teenager,” he said.

Joshua has been a hit, according to Activities Director Rebekah Chandler-Marquez.

“The residents have really enjoyed him,” she said. “He is very calm, quiet, all-around pleasant person to be around.”

Resident Curtis Ray said Joshua is a “fine young man.”

“There are not very many young men like that who will spend time listening to an older person,” said Curtis.

A history buff, Joshua said the residents at Prestwick Village have some very interesting experiences to share.

“These folks have lived through so many different situations in their lifetime,” he said. “It really leaves a big impact on you to hear their stories.”

In addition to Joshua, several community members dedicate time volunteering at Prestwick Village.

Prestwick Village Volunteers 2

Mary Ellen Caulder

Pictured on the left is volunteer Mary Ellen Caulder does arts and crafts with residents on Tuesdays. Mary Ellen and her sister used to tend to the gardens at Prestwick when their late-mother used to live there. Now Mary Ellen said she wants to give back by helping her mother’s friends do what they love most!

Prestwick Village Volunteers32

Marty Crumroy

Pictured on the right is Marty Crumroy, Community Service Coordinator with the Scots for Youth of Scotland County. The group of 14 youth come to Prestwick Village twice a week.
“The teens get attention from the residents and the residents give attention to the teens,” said Rebekah. “They begin to speak of their buddies. It is so awesome.”

Prestwick Village Volunteers 4

Donna Carter

Community member Donna Carter comes ever Wednesday afternoon to play the piano for residents who love singing along. She also brings treats for all residents and staff.

“Her talents on the piano and in the kitchen make everyone so happy,” said Rebekah. “We love Miss Donna!”

For more information about Prestwick Village, please contact Administrator Deanna Smith at (910) 276-5950 at or visit us on Facebook.