Nonie Roberson…The Epitome of Southern Charm

Nonie Roberson 2Surrounded by impeccable furnishings in her welcoming home at The Villas at Rolling Ridge, Nonie Roberson, 83, epitomizes Southern charm and grace.

A native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Nonie and her husband, “Robbie,” once had a large home with a big yard requiring much upkeep. Following Robbie’s passing 14 years ago, Nonie, a mother of two sons, then moved to North Carolina to be close to her granddaughter, her only grandchild. She transitioned from a smaller home to an apartment. Unhappy with radiator heat and a window unit air conditioner, Nonie moved to The Villas at Rolling Ridge, a DePaul Independent Senior Living Apartment Community in Newton Grove, North Carolina, two years ago and is truly delighted with her new surroundings.|

“The first night I slept here, I felt at peace,” she said. “I felt very much at home. I was so comfortable. There is one thing that DePaul knows how to do–there’s a lot of things you know how to do–but you sure did make nice, cozy, livable villas.”

A woman with many hobbies who is active in her church, Nonie finds that her fellow residents are all close. “We all get along great down here.” In addition, Nonie’s adorable black poodle, Lacie, provides welcome company, not only for Nonie but other residents as well.

Nonie Roberson“I have a little black poodle that lives here with me and she really loves the bedroom. In fact, she loves the whole place. She was so at home the first day that we came here and so was I.”

Nonie truly appreciates her new lifestyle. “So many of my friends come and they say, ‘Why don’t we have more of these around? These are absolutely gorgeous.’ And that makes me proud, and proud of DePaul. You have given us real homes. Homes that we love to invite our neighbors into, that we love to sit on the porch and laugh and talk and have good times. And you’ve given us the ability here in these homes to really have everything that we need.” She added, “Thank you for the vision that you’ve had, for the foresight and planning. Thank you for our surroundings, for as I said, it is a good thing that you have done. You have helped many, you have inspired many. You have given many people a higher standard of living.”

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