FAQs & Resources


What types of housing does DePaul Properties, Inc. provide?

DePaul Properties, Inc. provides a variety of different affordable housing options. Our primary types of housing include multifamily and special needs housing for people who are Deaf, hard of hearing and those using American Sign Language (ASL), people with vision concerns, people who were formerly homeless and people with physical disabilities and mental health needs.


Do you have any available apartments?

DePaul Properties, Inc. is continually filling vacancies at all of its apartment buildings. We maintain a wait list for vacant units. You must have an application on file in order to be eligible for an apartment. Click here to view and print the application.


How long does it take to get an apartment?

Once you have completed and submitted an application, your name will be placed on the wait list for all the buildings for which you indicated a preference. Since there is no way to anticipate how quickly vacancies will occur, there is no way to tell you exactly how long this process will take. However, we encourage you to apply since we tend to move quickly through the applications we have received.

All applications are reviewed for eligibility and applicants will be notified of their status by mail. Applicants will be asked to participate in at least two interviews. At the time of the interviews, DePaul Properties, Inc. will review your financial, credit, housing, criminal and employment histories. Please be aware that acceptance for our housing is based on all of these criteria.

Please see the General Rental and Occupancy Criteria Guidelines for additional information on how applicants are accepted for our housing.

All applications are thoroughly reviewed on a case-by-case basis. At no point in the application process are you guaranteed an apartment until you have signed a lease and received the keys.


What are the income requirements for your buildings?

To learn more about the income requirements at each of our buildings, please click here.


I am on Public Assistance, Social Security, veterans benefits or receive a pension and I don’t have Section 8. Can I still qualify for DePaul Properties housing?

If you meet the income requirements for our sites, you may qualify for our housing.


If I make more than the maximum, can I still qualify for housing?

DePaul Properties. Inc. follows federally mandated guidelines to determine income eligibility for housing at our buildings. If you earn more than our maximum at the time of application, you are not eligible to be a tenant and we cannot offer you housing at this time.


How much is the rent on one of your units?

Please visit each site’s webpage to learn more about rent:

Erie County:

Genesee County:

Monroe County: 

Niagara County: 

Ontario County:

Schenectady County:  


Do you accept Section 8 vouchers?

Yes, we accept Section 8 vouchers.


On your application, it states that assets must be evaluated to determine eligibility. Is there a limit to the amount I can hold in assets?

No. There is effectively no limit to the amount you can hold in assets. However, we are required to add the income earned or a percentage of the value of those assets to your annual income. If you are close to our maximum income, this may affect your eligibility for housing.


Do you allow pets?

Each DePaul Properties, Inc. community has a NO PET policy in place. Service animals are accepted at all DePaul Properties, Inc. communities.


Does DePaul Properties, Inc. provide financial rental assistance for its apartments?

DePaul Properties, Inc. does not provide financial rental assistance.


Are your apartments accessible?

DePaul Properties, Inc. operates barrier-free properties which provide accessible, affordable housing for individuals with a physical disability. Many of our properties have apartments specifically designed with accessible features. Please contact us at 1-855-348-4452 if you need more information about accessibility options.