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WorkGuide Overview

WorkGuide offers a wide range of services to assist consumers (ages 16 and older) in obtaining long-term employment in their chosen field. Programs are offered in English and Spanish to Monroe County residents who qualify for Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) formerly known as VESID.

Supported Employment

WorkGuide’s Supported Employment program assists people with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining competitive employment.  WorkGuide has decades of experience in placing people in a wide assortment of jobs, ranging from entry-level positions such as retail and food service to careers requiring degrees such as nursing, accounting and engineering.

Comprehensive vocational assessment

Identify interest, skills, education, experience, preferred hours, transportation needs, preferred work environments and the need for accommodations to determine target job matches.

Resume preparation and interviewing skills

Job development and placement

  • Assistance with looking for jobs, filling out applications, identifying references and completing new hire paperwork
  • WorkGuide has a highly varied network of employers and constantly helps people identify employers both inside and outside that network to meet their individual needs.

Job coaching

Customized training to help the employee learn necessary job duties, interact with supervisors, colleagues and customers and learn the formal and informal culture of the work environment.

Extended Services

We continue to meet with the employee at least twice a month to help make sure that they are succeeding at the job. We are also available to assist with acclimating to new job duties, promotions or communicating with supervisors.

Career Development

Our staff are available to help with adding job responsibilities, applying for promotions, seeking new employment, or transitioning from part-time to full-time employment.

Education regarding benefits

WorkGuide staff provide an overview of the effect of employment income on current benefits, assist with reporting wages and applying for Medicaid Buy In.

Transitional Employment Program

WorkGuide staff conduct a comprehensive assessment, called a Pre-Placement Evaluation, using a combination of interviews and standardized testing to examine areas of interest as well as experience and aptitude.  WorkGuide staff work with the consumer to identify jobs and careers within the interest areas and provide information on the requirements of the jobs.

At the end of Pre-Placement Evaluation a team meeting is held with the consumer, WorkGuide staff and Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) staff to summarize the assessment and discuss options.  Potential recommendations may include referrals to additional education or training, a Supported Employment Program, or the Work Experience Development phase of the Transitional Program.

During the Work Experience Development phase WorkGuide staff find an internship that meets the consumer’s identified career interests.  Internships last three to six months, and consumers generally start out working six hours per week, with the goal of increasing hours to around twenty hours per week.  During the internship WorkGuide staff provide job coaching as needed and site supervisors conduct formal performance evaluations.  Through volunteering, the intern is able to learn and practice skills in a professional work environment, while at the same time learning if the field is one that they are interested in.  Other goals of the internship include developing work tolerance and learning the expectations of a professional work environment.  At the completion of the internship, in addition to gaining valuable experience, the intern has a resume with a recent work history and professional references.

At the conclusion of the internship a final meeting between the consumer, WorkGuide and ACCES-VR staff is held.  During this meeting the team evaluates the consumer’s performance during the internship as well as the consumer’s level of interest in pursuing the career area of the internship.  Finally, next steps in the consumer’s career path are planned.

Employment Network

WorkGuide has been approved as an Employment Network. People receiving SSA benefits can assign WorkGuide their Ticket to Work. This allows WorkGuide to provide employment support services that afford Ticket Holders the opportunity and support to prepare for, obtain and retain career ladder jobs. The final goal of the program is to help people get jobs that will enable them to earn enough income to leave and remain off of Social Security cash benefits.

WorkGuide employs Certified Benefits Counselors to help ensure a smooth transition from Social Security to self-sufficiency through employment.

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