DePaul Hopelink At Cornhill 2018
DePaul Hopelink At Shelter Cove 2018

DePaul Hopelink Programs

Programs in Partnership

DePaul operates two Hopelink programs that are short-stay residences in which individuals who are hospitalized have exclusive access to a unique residential alternative upon discharge from the medical hospital. Hopelink at Cornhill, a Short-Stay Residence in Rochester, New York, is a partnership between DePaul Community Services and Rochester Regional Health.  Hopelink at Shelter Cove, a Short-Stay Residence in Churchville, New York, is a partnership between DePaul Community Services and UR Medicine/Strong Memorial Hospital.

Program Overview

DePaul Hopelink programs are designed for adults who are currently hospitalized for health-related issues and no longer require the acute services provided by the hospital.

The programs themselves serve as a therapeutic, short-term solution for individuals who cannot return to their place of residence upon discharge from the hospital. Individuals who lack a permanent residence will also be eligible for this program.

The overall goal of the Hopelink programs is to provide individuals with the support they need, enabling either a return to their residence or securing a residence that is appropriate for their long-term needs.

All DePaul Hopelink referrals must come through the inpatient hospital social work department.