“We are our stories.” (Welcome to DePaul Today!)

We are Our Stories graphicWe (DePaul, our staff, volunteers, donors, board members, funders, the community and the people we serve) are our stories. DePaul is comprised of people, programs, hard work and hope, but it is our stories that bring this to life.

DePaul Today will tell the story of what DePaul is, who we are, and why we do what we do. Just as every person we serve has a constantly evolving story, this blog will evolve, too.

We will share:

  • Stories of hope from the people we serve
  • Photos and videos
  • Updates on new projects and programs
  • How our programs impact the people we serve

and more!

The bottom line is we care deeply about our people and running great programs. Please join us on this journey and help our story evolve!

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