Nik Wallenda and DePaul Have A Lot in Common

By: Justine Smith, New Media/Web Content Coordinator

Nik Wallenda, the acrobat, aerialist and daredevil extraordinaire, never gives up.

In fact, this past Sunday, he added crossing the Grand Canyon gorge over the Little Colorado River to his already impressive resume of courageous feats.

In order to accomplish the seemingly impossible, you have to possess strong beliefs. That’s what DePaul and Nik Wallenda have in common.

“One thing that was passed on from generation to generation in my family, over seven generations in 200 years, was never give up. That’s the way we live.”

Nik Wallenda crossing the river on a tight rope

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Simply put, DePaul’s mission is to change lives and create futures. We depend on everyone, including our staff, consumers, donors and board members, to never give up. It’s the only way our mission can be achieved!

“If you think you can fall, you’re more likely to.”

Attitude is everything.

Before entering DePaul’s affordable housing program, Pat endured pain, addiction and despair. Despite those trials, she credits her outlook with changing her life: “Your desire to live has to be strong.”


“I’m facing Niagara Falls – the wind and the mist and the dark and the peregrine falcons – and I’m going to stay focused on the other side.”

Nik Wallenda crossing Niagara Falls

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We all face our own version of Niagara Falls, but what matters is our focus on the future while we conquer our tests and setbacks.

The people served by DePaul need assistance in facing their own challenges. DePaul helps people go beyond what they might have believed was possible. We offer the opportunity to acknowledge and surmount the wind and the dark and to concentrate on improving and creating building blocks each day.

It’s those building blocks that create the path to reach the other side. What’s on the other side? Hope.

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