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April is Alcohol Awareness Month: Help is Available!

By Jennifer Faringer, MS Ed., CPP-G

Alcohol Awareness Month was established in 1987 by the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence to help reduce the stigma often associated with alcoholism. It encourages prevention education aimed at raising awareness about the disease, as well as treatment options and paths to recovery.

Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive disease, one that can be genetically predisposed, and can also prove to be fatal if untreated. It is a disease that can decrease quality of life for users socially and economically, as well as have detrimental impacts on their physical health and well-being. Additionally, families are equally impacted. The World Health Organization estimates that the use of alcohol results in the death of three million people annually, causing more than five percent of the global burden of disease and injury.

However, people can and do recover. It is estimated that as many as 20 million individuals and family members are living lives in recovery! The National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence−Rochester Area (NCADD-RA) is committed to raising awareness about alcohol misuse and reducing the stigma surrounding alcoholism in April and throughout the year. It is important that individuals affected by the disease can access treatment, and that family members are able to access prevention education and support services. There are many paths to recovery, including self-help groups, counseling and/or treatment in a clinical setting.

Help us erase the stigma around alcoholism by learning more about the disease by visiting the NCADD-RA’s website at For information on prevention, treatment and recovery services in Monroe County and beyond, visit



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