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Celebrating Nonprofit Day: In Our Words

How do you describe the feeling of knowing that someone has a warm, safe place to sleep at night because of the work you do each day or knowing that you are the next best thing to family for someone in a vulnerable position? In honor of National Nonprofit Day on August 17, we asked DePaul staff to share the most rewarding and unique aspects of working at a nonprofit. And they delivered!

In the encouraging words of DePaul’s Program Director for Single-Site Supportive Housing, Jason Gamble….

“Working with other agencies as an advocate and supporter of mental health and substances abuse services in nonprofit agencies throughout my career in the Capital Region, the focus on budgets and funding rather than the individuals being served began to cause me to lose focus. In search of an agency with a person-centered focus, I found DePaul in 2019. I can now sincerely say that I am proud to work for a nonprofit agency which truly stands behind their mission, their staff, and the individuals that we serve. I’m a true believer in giving all you can of yourself to others, as one day you may be the person in need of the same lift or support.”

The most rewarding thing is giving back and assisting others in need. DePaul is an agency that understands that one-size doesn’t fit all. I could not ask for a better place to work!

We hope that you will be inspired by the many other responses we received from DePaul staff as to why they find working for a nonprofit rewarding and unique!

One thought on “Celebrating Nonprofit Day: In Our Words

  1. Jason says:

    Awesome 👏 job TEAM! True meaning of DePaul Strong 💪.

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