Three Cheers for Volunteers at Westwood Commons

April 24, 2019 (North Chili, NY) ─ Residents at Westwood Commons have plenty of reasons to count their blessings during National Volunteer Appreciation Month in April. From local parishes and community members to students and dancers, the DePaul Senior Living Community in North Chili has many dedicated volunteers!

Westwood Commons Volunteers

Pictured clockwise are members of “In Jesus’ Name,” an outreach ministry at Roberts Wesleyan College, Leah Ostergen, Sarah Wolcott, Attie Fiegel, Kayla Richardson and Paul Nichols with resident Mary Ann Comstock; Anastasia’s Spotlight Dance students  (left to right) Savannah Watkins, Meg Parrisi, Chiara Grippo, Hannah Wies, Madison Lass, Alexandra Root and Belle Pimm with Westwood Commons residents Patricia Dupre, David Iacubucci and Mary Masceri; Anastasia’s Spotlight dancers Meg Parrisi, McKenna Sullivan, Jocelyn Reis and Savannah Watkins with residents Ruth Jameson and Anna Bell, and lastly, dancer Bruhilda Rittler and Westwood Commons resident Ziona Howe.

Members of the group “In Jesus’ Name” have been coming to Westwood Commons for over five years play games, do arts and crafts and spend time talking with residents! Laurel Green, a senior at Roberts Wesleyan College, said the goal is to share the ministry of love with their community.

“When you’re at college, you’re typically only around people of your own age with similar experiences,” said Green. “This gives me the opportunity to get out of the bubble and be part of the community.”

Members of various churches also volunteer time providing services and devotionals to residents at Westwood Commons throughout the month including St. Christopher’s Church, Bethany Christian Church, Chili Presbyterian Church, Pearce Memorial Church, Pastor David Branch, Alberta Anderson and Mary Passerella. In addition, community member Mikki Rick volunteers her time playing games and conversing with residents.

For more information about Westwood Commons, please contact Administrator Stacie Major at (585) 293-2060, at or visit us on Facebook.