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A Colorful New Hobby (Westwood Commons)

March 17, 2021 (North Chili, NY) ─ The past year has uncovered many self-discoveries. Marilyn Fegyo, a resident of Westwood Commons, a DePaul Senior Living Community in North Chili, learned that she enjoys coloring, a lot! She has completed over 1,000 drawings and coloring projects since the pandemic began.

Marilyn Fegyo Art

Marilyn’s knack for art emerged at a young age when she learned knitting, sewing and embroidery from a family member. She’s continued to take art classes throughout her life including painting, charcoal and pottery. When the quarantine first began, Marilyn’s niece suggested that she find a way to stay engaged throughout her day. In addition to reading the Bible cover to cover multiple times, she decided to take up coloring.

Marilyn has mailed the finished pieces to her brothers and has gifted them to her best friend, Rose, as well as to Westwood Commons staff for their children. She also gifts her artwork to staff and residents on their birthdays. The pictures cover the walls of her room and each day she chooses three new pieces to display on her door.

“When I choose a picture, I know exactly who it’s going to go to and I will tailor it to that person,” she said. “I’ll choose a picture based on that person’s likes and dislikes and use their favorite colors to complete it.”

Marilyn puts thought into every single piece.

“She takes great pride in her gallery and the art she does,” said Westwood Commons Activities Director Brenna Orlop. “She plans out the pictures for her door display in advance. She already has Easter planned out!”

For Marilyn, it’s been a labor of love that has helped her stay positive through a long year.

“It’s relaxing to make beautiful things,” she said. “I enjoy focusing on making it perfect, and that focus takes the stress away.”

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