New Projects

DePaul Properties, Inc. creates and operates attractive, affordable housing solutions in urban, suburban and rural settings within environments that promote respectful community relationships.

New projects include:


Packet Boat Landing (Lockport, NY)



Packet Boat Landing, located in Lockport, NY, will be a newly-built facility offering 60 one-bedroom apartments for income-eligible tenants.

The name ‘Packet Boat Landing’ is derived from the packet boats used on the Erie Canal and Barge Canal system in New York State during the 18th and 19th centuries. Packet boats can still be rented and are used on the canal today.

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Upper Falls Square (Rochester, NY)


DePaul is developing newly-built housing for income-eligible tenants located on the block of Cleveland Street and Hudson Avenue called Upper Falls Square.

The project will consist of 150 total units:

  • Building A will have 114 units
  • Building B will have 36 units

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