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Single Point of Access (SPOA) application for Monroe County


Single Point of Access (SPOA) application for Erie County


DePaul Mental Health Housing Application for Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties

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Who can make a referral to a DePaul residential mental health program?

DePaul is part of community-wide mental health treatment and rehabilitation systems in the counties in which we have a presence. Individuals must be actively involved in treatment to be considered for residency in a DePaul residential mental health program. Referrals are typically made by a treatment professional including psychiatrists, therapists, or social workers from a hospital-based inpatient mental health facility or outpatient program but families and potential residents can also begin the referral process.

Do families and clients participate in the referral process?

Families and clients are encouraged to be active participants in making this important decision. Both are encouraged to learn more about DePaul’s services, program expectations, and sites to see how each best match the interests of the client prior to a formal referral. DePaul may be recommended by a community service provider, however, the client needs to make the commitment to entering and engaging in the program. It’s therefore vital that the client visit the program and meet with staff members and other clients so they may make an informed decision.

How do you pay for residential mental health services?

At DePaul, residential mental health services are paid by government funding through client fees from County Department of Social Services, Social Security, and for some programs, Medicaid. Employed clients pay a fee based on their monthly income. Families who have assumed financial responsibility for their relative receiving services pay a fee based on their individual circumstances.


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