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The Power of Music Therapy (Dayspring of Wallace)

October 25, 2017 (Wallace, NC) – Arms crossed on her chest, slouched in her chair, as soon as the music played in the headphones, Elizabeth Moore’s demeanor immediately changed. A light smile danced across her face, her eyes focused and alert, she began shimmying her shoulders and tapping her toes.

Dayspring of Wallace resident Elizabeth Moore listening to music through her headphones
A resident of Dayspring of Wallace, a DePaul Senior Living Community in Wallace, Elizabeth is one of many individuals living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease who are reaping the benefits of music therapy.

Dayspring of Wallace Administrator Angela Eckard first learned about music therapy as a member of the North Carolina Assisted Living Association. After viewing a video called “Alive Inside,” she knew it could assist in her work with seniors.

Tim Holland at Generations Church in Southport donated nine iPods to Dayspring of Wallace for use in their music therapy program. Staff work with the residents’ family to identify music that resonates with their loved one. Staff have found music therapy to be a very powerful tool in caring for the elderly, helping with everything from improving moods and reducing anxiety to facilitating cognitive function and coordinating motor movements.

Memory Care Activities Director Lesbia-Gomez has worked with residents and their families to come up with a playlist of songs which they can relate to. Staff have noticed a positive change in Elizabeth’s posture and demeanor when she listens to music from The Temptations, Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong and other artists!

“When she hears music, it really enlightens her,” said Supervisor-in-Charge Barbara Best. “She’s an individual who stays to herself, but I don’t care what time of the day, she listens to music, it energizes her and she interacts.”

Click here to watch Elizabeth’s reaction to music therapy. For more information about Dayspring of Wallace, please contact Administrator Angela Eckard at (910) 285-9050, at or visit us on Facebook.