DePaul Senior Olympics

By: Justine Smith, New Media/Web Content Coordinator

DePaul Senior Olympics 2013 photo collage

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“Today’s games are about brain power, they’re about talent and they’re about perseverance,” said Tanya MacNaughton, New York Senior Living Regional Director, in the opening speech that kicked off the 7th Annual DePaul Senior Olympics.

Tanya MacNaughton quote  during a senior olympics speech

“But for the true Olympians, the games are about teamwork and friendship, so regardless of the number of medals you win today, you walk away a true Olympian as long as you have fun and make some new friends.”

Indeed, since the inaugural competition in 2006, the Senior Olympics have cultivated unity and a sense of pride among DePaul seniors. Through friendly competition, ranging from mental challenges like the spelling bee to physical sports like bowling, participants earn points to hopefully win the coveted DePaul Cup for their community.

This year, six communities competed: Glenwell, Horizons, Kenwell, The Shire at Culverton, Westwood Commons and Woodcrest Commons.

“I think it’s important for them to participate…in something that long ago I’m sure they did enjoy and here’s the experience to do it again,” said Dan Charcholla, DePaul Recreation Director.

The best part of the Senior Olympics?

“Probably the interaction with the seniors, some of their insights, some of their stories, some of their comments, as well as the joy that they have when they’re participating,” said Charcholla.

Enjoy these highlights from this year’s Senior Olympics!


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