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Veterans Residential and Support Services

Helping Veterans experiencing housing instability become self-sufficient in Upstate New York since 2012.



Eagle Star Housing, an affiliate of the DePaul Group, is a not-for-profit organization that provides Veterans a supportive place to live while they regain independence and self-sufficiency. We are committed to ensuring all Veterans have a safe place to sleep at night, while maintaining a long-term goal of assisting each Veteran in their successful search for stable and affordable housing. Eagle Star Housing provides quality Transitional Housing Programs as well as Permanent Supportive Apartment Programs.


Eagle Star Housing is committed to providing support by ensuring the following core values:

We express our deepest gratitude to those who served us.

We respect and honor the sacrifices of all Veterans.

We treat each individual with unwavering compassion.

We uphold integrity, act with honesty, and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical principles.

We make it our responsibility to serve those who have served us.

Eagle Star Housing strives to ensure positive outcomes for all the Veterans we serve in all of our programs.

Eagle Star Housing Programs 

Transitional Housing Programs 

Eagle Star Housing’s Transitional Housing Programs support Veterans on their journey to find permanent housing within three to six months.

To ensure that Veterans are provided with a safe place to live while they search for permanent housing, staff work to address any barriers that may impact a successful journey, including physical and mental health issues and substance use disorders. Eagle Star Housing is proud of the successful completion rate in the Transitional Housing Program, and has helped a majority of residents who complete the program in searching for and obtaining permanent housing.

Permanent Supportive Apartment Programs 

Permanent Supportive Apartment Programs offer a unique opportunity for increased support prior to transitioning to independent housing. Veterans can remain in these programs permanently if they require long-term support services or temporarily if they no longer need support.

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