A Day in Paris (Woodridge)

August 26, 2021 (Monroe, NC) ─ Woodridge’s first annual Senior Soiree was an unforgettable affair! Residents and families of the DePaul Senior Living Community in Monroe were transported to ‘A Day in Paris’ for dancing, conviviality and reminiscing about formal events of their past.

Woodridge Senior Soiree

Pictured above, event organizer, Woodridge’s Memory Care Activities Director Dana Brooks, poses beside large letters spelling out the word ‘love’ which greeted guests, Carolyn Brown and Judith Cairns show off their formal wear at the event, and William Hildreth is accompanied by his sister Debbie Huntley for the affair.

Residents, staff, and family members enjoyed dancing, photo shoots, as well as food and drinks including mini cinnamon rolls, Chick-fil-A nuggets and sparkling grape juice. Many thanks to Dana Brooks, for planning and organizing this celebration and to Ronda Keziah and Susie Mical for making residents’ hair look extra special!

For more information about Woodridge, please contact Administrator Cherie Readus at (704) 225-0011, at credus@depaul.org or visit us on Facebook.